When it comes to selecting a home, everyone’s choice differs: would you purchase a home because of its size, or would you sacrifice size for location? Each of these factors play a crucial role in determining your choice of home, but your specific need at a particular moment will help you decide on which is more important.

When realtors talk about a home, they often stress the importance of location. However, if you are newlyweds starting a family and wanting to buy a home on a tight budget, you might consider the size of the house over the location. On the other hand, if your purchase is to build your portfolio or to be your forever home, location might matter more than size. When considering size versus location, let the steps below guide you in making that decision.

Sacrificing Location for Size

While location is important, if your needs are for more rooms, a home office, a workshop, or a large play area, you may need to consider size over location. Of course, you always want to choose a safe area, but if size is the primary factor, the location doesn’t need to be trendy. Choose size over location for these reasons:

  • You Have Children: If you have children, it’s preferable to search for a bigger home. Looking for a larger house in many cities might mean you have to move to areas where you can get better value for your money; these areas might not be your dream neighborhood, or ideal for your work commute, but it may be your best place to begin a family.
  • You Have A Large Household: If you have a large family or have multiple adults in the same household already and you are thinking about creating more room for everyone, then think in the direction of size when looking for a new home. A bigger house means you have more rooms for your kids, a lawn for your pet, office space, more bathrooms, and enough outdoor space for play and entertainment.
  • You Need More Space for Guests: If you often have people coming to crash on your couch; either your in-laws, friends, or your family members — then having more space or guest room will improve your quality of life. Finding a larger home that meets your housing needs is important, and if having room for guests fills you with joy, then size is important.

Pick Location Over Size for These Reasons

  • You Plan to Rent Out Your House: If you are buying your home intending to rent it out either on a long-term lease or as a holiday rental, your choice of location plays a vital role. Proximity to points of interest and public transportation determine your rental’s demand and supply, and it will have a significant effect on your profit.
  • You Have Kids That Are Still in School: If you have school-age children, you would want to consider the type of schools available in the area. If there is a specific standard of education you want for your children, ensure you inform your realtor about this before the house hunt process begins.
  • You Plan to Sell Your House in the Near Future: If you intend selling your home sooner rather than later, you need to be strategic when picking your neighborhood. Location is the crucial factor that affects your resale value — if you are buying a house intending to sell in an abbreviated time, it’s essential you pick an area that will increase your home’s value in the short run.

Both the location of your home and its size are vital things to look for when house hunting, but your decision on which is more important should be a factor of what you need now. Talk to our team about your motivation for buying a home and get their professional advice on what fits your needs the most.