So you have decided to host this year’s Super Bowl Party. Maybe the team you root for has made it through the playoffs, or you want an excuse to show off your new home décor. These are a few tricks to make your super bowl party stand out from the rest. Put your game-face on and get to planning!

Five simple steps to making your Super Bowl party stand out from the rest!

  • Keep things neutral. Tensions will start to rise if you’re only representing one team and some of your guests are fans of the rival team. Keep the theme and décor of your party “football.” Choose laces, scoreboards, helmets, field goal posts, field yard lines, etc. Let it be known who you are rooting for the old fashion way—by the jersey you wear and the war paint on your face.
  • Be Unique. Try not to go the easy route with generic decorations from your local party supply store. Add unique items that will stand out and showcase your hosting skills. Instead of the plastic field tablecloth, use a piece of artificial turf (this can be picked up for cheap at a nearby hardware store) and paint yard lines on it.
  • Make everyone feel included. There always will be a couple of people roped into attending the party by one of your guests. They may not be a football fan, or they don’t understand why the ref just called a foul. Chances are they may feel excluded throughout the day. “Football Bingo” is a fun, active game that every single person can participate in, even if they know nothing about football. Another fun alternative is “Super Bowl Commercial Bingo.”
  • Never miss a play. One of the biggest mistakes made by a host is positioning the food and drinks too far from the television. Picture this, a guest goes in for their third round of nachos and misses the play that everyone will be talking about for the rest of the game, who are they going to blame? That’s right, the person who placed those delicious cheesy treats in the next room. Have all aspects of your party within sight line of the TV.
  • Game Plan for Meal Time. Get your food timeline prepared before game day. Early preparation helps avoid the potential of food getting cold before the third quarter or guests getting full before halftime. Keep snacks light and simple for the pregame and bust out your appetizers during the first quarter. Start getting your main course ready at the end second quarter just in time for that epic halftime show. If the game looks to be going sideways and spirits start to get low, be ready to bust out the emergency sweets and alcohol you have for just this situation.

Now put your jersey on and watch your team take home that trophy!

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