Dune Allen may be the ideal location for your ideal beach vacation. Dune Allen is a paradise for nature lovers with miles of trails, sprawling beaches, five coastal dune lakes (Allen, Campbell, Morris, Oyster, which is shaped like an oyster shell), and few commercial establishments.

Take walks on the beach at night and spend your days basking in the sunshine. You can get the gear you need at Stinky’s Bait Shack to try your hand at fishing from the beach or in a coastal dune lake (unless you hire a guide who provides a license).

Do you enjoy exploring Florida’s natural habitats and camping? Go to Topsail Slope Protect State Park, home to a 3.2-mile stretch of disconnected sea shores with waterfront rise lakes and sand hills extending far away into the distance.

Stinky’s Fish Camp, one of USA Today’s top ten restaurants, is a great option for Dune Allen diners looking for a place to eat lunch or dinner. The restaurant of local chef Jim Richard showcases Gulf-to-table cuisine and fresh seafood. Stinky’s Stew is a popular local dish. Elmo’s Grill is a casual seafood restaurant that serves dinner every night and serves everything from crab legs to fresh fish.

The Timpoochee Trail runs right through Dune Allen, so if you like to stay active, you can start hiking there early in the morning while taking in a lot of beautiful scenery.

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